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Broker Services

"Label Solutions Exclusive to the Trade"

When you choose to join forces with Team Teckmark you will find that we speak your language and understand your needs as a print broker. You will find that our services, and most importantly, the consistency of our service, help to make your life a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the services we provide:


The cost of delivery, unless specifically stated otherwise, is on us. You will not get an extra charge for freight. You can improve your cash flow because you will have all of your costs right away and can immediately submit your invoice to your customer.


When we commit to a delivery date you can be absolutely confident that the commitment is real. You can spend your time chasing new business, not following up on existing orders.

Need a drop shipment?

Just let us know the details at the time of the order and we will handle the whole thing for you.

Paperwork: We will use your prepared invoice and packing slip or we will prepare invoices and packing slips for you, keeping your name visible and ours invisible.

Shipping: Each carton will be clearly identified as to the contents. On single point drop shipments, within your region, you will not pay any extra. For multiple destination shipments contact us for pricing.

Communication: When we make a drop shipment for you, we keep you in the loop by immediately emailing you the tracking number when the shipment leaves our shop.


We send samples from every run for your docket file, either with the shipment if it is to your business or by a separate shipment if it was drop shipped.

Exact Quantity

We will ship and charge for the exact quantity of labels you order so you will not have any confusion or hassle at your customer destination. If you want “overs” simply specify the quantity at the time of your order. You will know when you place the order exactly what will be shipped so you can prepare your invoice ahead of time.


We continually strive, without compromise, to exceed your customer’s expectations from tight budget low cost labels through to pharmaceutical grade and prime label printing. Our objective is simply to always exceed the standard of the industry. We achieve high quality consistency by rigidly following written quality control procedures that match the needs of the job, and we utilize state of the art finishing equipment and video inspection systems right on the presses to audit out any defects. Our efforts result in you looking good with your customer.

Standard Colours

We have over 60 standard colours to choose from. If you need a colour not on our standard “no charge list” we will mix it for you for a nominal charge.

As a trade-only supplier, you will find that we are 100% dedicated to meeting your customers’ needs, so that you look good!

Let’s Team Up For Success!